Singer Sachet Tandon, Parampara Thakur
Written By Anil Verma
Cast Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan, Kajol, Sharad Kelkar

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Lyrics In English

Bhawani ke veeron utha lo bhuja ko
Satyagini ko mastak saja lo
Swaha ho shatru prachand macha do

Dhamak dhamak veer path
Desh ka path jeet path
Kadmon ki taal se
Dhool ka baadal saja
Shatru ke lahu se
Dharti ka shringar kar
Desh par prahaar hai
Prahaar kar, prahaar kar

Ghamand kar prachand kar
Tandav sa yuddh kar
Yuddh kar bhayankar

Ghamand se chalo
Na daro na giro
Kaat sabko dil se
Jeet ki oar chalo

Ghamand ki pukaar hai
Daro na daro
Dal-dal mein lahu ke
Badh chalo, badh chalo

Ghamand hi tere
Sheesh ka shringar hai
Cheer sheesh sabke
Badh chalo, badh chalo

Ghamand se chalo
Na daro na giro
Kaat sabko dil se
Jeet ki oar chalo

Rakt girega maati taregi
Pyaas bujhegi ho
Dushman katega dharti sajegi
Desh sajega ho


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