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Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language romantic film directed by Sunny Deol and produced by Sunny Sounds Pvt Ltd and Zee Studios. The film was released on 20 September 2019.

Principal photography began on 21 May 2017. Karan Deol and Sahher Bambba were cast for the lead roles. Over 400 girls were auditioned for Sahher’s role.

With a box office revenue of ₹10.03 crore against a ₹60 crore budget, the film was commercially unsuccessful.


Saher Sethi (Sahher Bambba), a vlogger from Delhi, goes to Manali in order to review a solo trekking trip organised by Camp Ujhi Dhaar, which is run by Karan Sehgal (Karan Deol). She thinks that the extremely expensive solo trip is a scam and she would expose the camp’s owner. Although they start off at bitter note, things started to improve between the two during their trip, which eventually leads to Karan falling for her. He doesn’t confess his feelings, but tells her that he is afraid of attachment. Saher confesses to him that she wanted to become singer but couldn’t follow her passion as Viren, her boyfriend, make fun of her at an open mic. He takes Saher to his childhood spot, where he sees a snow leopard, and remembers his mother, who died in an avalanche when she tried to capture snow leopard in her camera. The trip finally comes to end, Karan drops Saher at airport and both of them bid goodbye to each other.

On reaching Delhi, Saher too realizes that she has fallen in love with Karan, and thus breaks up with Viren. She informs Karan that she is performing again at an open mic, and indirectly asks him to come to Delhi. Karan unexpectedly shows up at Open Mic and they both confess their love for each other and share a kiss. Next Day, at Saher’s house party, Karan is introduced to Saher’s family members and also meets Viren, who invites Karan to his party next day. Seeing Saher and Karan close and happy with each other, Viren feels devastated and becomes angry and pledges that he will do anything to be with Saher, despite right or wrong. Next Day, Saher’s father talks to Karan in anger, and when Saher asks him, he said that Viren told him everything. Saher speaks to Viren over phone for lying to his parents,and blackmails her about leaking her photos, which he took secretly on Goa trip. Karan goes to Viren, and when Viren abused Saher and Karan’s mother, he thrashed him. Feeling insulted, Saher posts a video online of being eve-teased by Viren. Viren gets to know about this, he goes to Saher’s, they too gets involve in a fight and accidentally, Saher slips of first floor. Now in comatose condition, Viren parents, with help of political power, turns the case against Saher and beats up Karan. Seeing Saher conditions not improving, and her family suffering all the disrespect, Karan goes to Viren’s, beats him up and drags him to hospital and tells him to apologize to Saher. When he refuses, Karan chocked his throat, almost killing him, but Viren’s mother asks him to leave him and she apologizes to everyone.

Saher soon recovers from the accident and in the end credits, Karan and Saher are shown as happily married couple!


The film was mostly shot at various locations in the Pir Panjal Mountain Range covering Spiti Valley, Kunzum La, Rohtang La, Tabo, Chandra Taal, Kaza, Lahaul Valley and Manali region in Himachal Pradesh; while a substantial part was shot at locations in New Delhi, including a racing car sequence at Buddh International Circuit in NCR.


  • Karan Deol as Karan Sehgal
  • Sahher Bambba as Saher Sethi
  • Simone Singh as Vandana Sethi (Saher’s mother)
  • Sachin Khedekar as Ajay Sethi (Saher’s father)
  • Kallirroi Tziafeta as Karan’s mother
  • Aakash Ahuja as Viren Narang
  • Kamini Khanna as Saher’s grandmother
  • Meghna Malik as Ratna Narang
  • Arsh Wahi as Rohan Verma
  • Ritika Thakur as Aditi Thakur (Karan’s best friend)
  • Akash Dhar as Sushant Narang
  • Nupur Nagpal as Natasha Sabharwal
  • Kapil Negi as Vikram Thakur (Karan’s mentor and Aditi’s father)
  • Suhani Sethi as Saachi Sethi (Saher’s sister)
  • Vijayant Kohli as Kapil Kumar Gupta
  • Rahul Singh as Sachin
  • Mannu Sandhu as Sushant’s wife
  • Pooja Katyal as Viren’s friend
  • Diksha Bahl as Vaishali
  • Reuben Israel as Viren’s father

Marketing and release

Sunny Deol has launched two teaser posters of Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas on valentines day of 2019. Another set of posters were released on 18 June 2019, giving the new release date as 20 September 2019. The official teaser of the film was released on 5 August 2019 by Zee Studios. The official trailer of the film was launched on 5 September 2019 by Zee Studios.

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